Results of the survey for the guests visiting the RemaDays Warsaw 2018 trade fair

Each edition of the trade fair ends with summaries and drawing of conclusions for the next edition. This was also the case this year. Thank you very much for filling out the survey that we have sent to all visitors. Thank you for sharing your insights and valuable comments.

For 80% of respondents, the main purpose of participation in the RemaDays Warsaw 2018 trade fair was the desire to learn about the advertising industry novelties. More than a half of participants wished to establish new business contacts. Visiting the stand of a specific exhibitor was the most important objective for 30% of the guests.
It turned out that the most important sources of information about the International Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw were the invitations from the organizer and the exhibitors, as well as information contained in the industry press and on the official website of the event at

The exhibitors’ booths were visited by the highest number of guests during the second day of the RemaDays Warsaw 2018 trade fair. Nearly half of all visitors (44%) decided to visit the Warsaw EXPO exhibition center on Thursday the 8th February.

Due to the high number of exhibitors and their extremely interesting propositions, one day was not enough for the visitors to become fully acquainted with the available offer. Every fifth respondent spent at least two days at the trade fair in Warsaw. Meanwhile, 5% of respondents stayed in the Polish capital from the beginning to the end of the event.
According to our survey, 80% of guests were leaving Warsaw feeling satisfied, as they managed to achieve all their goals. The same number of respondents expressed a positive opinion of the entire event. Our guests praised the offer of the exhibitors, the advertising message and the good organization of the exhibition center.
The respondents saw the broad offer of over 800 exhibitors as the biggest advantage of the RemaDays 2018 trade fair. Such opinion was expressed by 74% of all respondents. The respondents also saw the location of the trade fair and the division of the fair into 10 sectors as important elements of RemaDays.
During the trade fair, the visitors were able to use special trade fair maps. Nearly 70% of all respondents took advantage of this option.
Due to the extensive and innovative offer of the exhibitors as well as the increased comfort of work, 73% of respondents expressed willingness to participate in the next year’s edition of the Warsaw trade fair.
Among the respondents 56% were men, and 55% were people under 40 years of age.

Foreign respondents
As in the case of representatives of Polish companies, the guests from abroad indicated the desire to learn about the industry novelties (60%) as the most important reason for coming to the Polish capital. A slightly higher proportion of respondents than in the case of domestic Polish enterprises expressed their willingness to establish direct commercial contacts – 60%.
The Warsaw EXPO exhibition center hosted the representatives of fifty-two countries. More than half of the total number of surveyed respondents visited the RemaDays Warsaw 2018 trade fair for at least two days and 13% of the respondents stayed in Warsaw for three days.
In terms of achievement of objectives, 80% of respondents from abroad saw their visit to Poland as extremely successful.
The high number of exhibitors was the greatest advantage attracting specialists from abroad to the trade fair. This opinion was expressed by 73% of all respondents.
Guests from abroad have arrived to Warsaw using various means of transportation. On the site they have made use of the facilities prepared by the organizers. 20% of them took the free shuttle buses to the trade fair halls.
The majority of the respondents were men (55%) and people over 40 years of age (53%).