Shipping services – Freight Forwarding

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to inform you that the only companies that hold the exclusive rights to operate forklifts in exhibition halls during the RemaDays trade fair are: Netlog Polska Sp. z o.o. and C. Hartwig Warszawa S.A. Any other form of delivering goods to your stands is permitted otherwise than through these companies. For more details contact the companies directly. Contact details are listed below.

C.Hartwig Gdynia S.A.

ul. Śląska 47
81-310 Gdynia

Joanna Szulborska
tel. +48 502 012 832
tel. + 48 22 886 90 56

netlog Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14
01-222 Warszawa, Poland

Rafał Skrobutan
tel.: +48 22 256 70 55
tel. kom.: +48 668 890 274