RemaDays Warsaw 2017 – we received feedback from the visitors

What were the goals for the RemaDays Warsaw 2017 trade show visitors? Have their aims been reached? Which day of the show was the busiest? What are the expectations as far as the next edition of the show is concerned? We already know the answers, since we have asked the visitors themselves. Here are the results of the survey about the biggest trade fair in Central Europe.

85% of the respondents cared to visit the RemaDays Warsaw 2017 show because they wanted to learn about the new trends in the advertising market. More than a half cared to make new business contacts. 40% of the guests wanted to visit a particular stand.

The prime source of information about the Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw was a written invitation from the host and the exhibitors, as well as the information available on the show’s official website –

On the second day of the show, the hall was literally flooded with visitors. Slightly more than a half of them (56%) reports having visited the RemaDays 2017 show on its second day, Thursday, the 16th of February.

The number of exhibitors and their outstandingly interesting ideas made a one-day visit decidedly too short for the visitors. One fifth of the respondents admits having had a two-day visit to the Warsaw trade fair. 5% of the visitors stayed for the whole time of the show.

According to the survey, 80% of the visitors left Warsaw in great moods, since they have managed to reach all their goals. The same percentage rates the show as very good. The exhibitors, the advertising message and the organization of the trade show have all been appraised.

New trends, a large number of exhibitors and the lounge have been voted the biggest assets of the RemaDays Warsaw 2017 show by 74% of the respondents.

The advertising agencies’ representatives have constituted the most significant group at the show. Also, the experts in printing and the customers themselves attained a podium place.

A varied, rich and innovative offer from the exhibitors and an increase in the work comfort caused 75% of this year’s visitors to express their will to attend the next year’s show, too.

Foreign respondents

Like it is the case for the Polish companies, 80% of the foreign visitors report coming to the capital of Poland to learn about the new trends in the industry. Compared to the Polish respondents, a little bit more foreign visitors cared to make new business contacts, at 60%.

Visitors from 50 countries came to the Warsaw EXPO Trade Centre. Nearly three-quarters of all the visitors consider the second day of the show the most valuable and interesting.

When it comes to the ‘reaching your goal’ criterion, 75% of foreign visitors rate their visit to Poland as very fruitful. The organization of the show has been appraised by 85% of them.

A large number of exhibitors was the biggest asset according to 60% of the foreign respondents.

Foreign visitors came to Warsaw by various means of transportation. They were keen to use the services and facilities provided by the host. 35% of the visitors used a free shuttle bus service to get to the Warsaw EXPO Trade Center.

Profession-wise, advertising agents, promotional merchandise suppliers, and promotional apparel and clothing manufacturers made the biggest proportion among all the foreign visitors to the show.