Technology Park, Printing House – Learn about the sectors of the RemaDays Warsaw show

At the RemaDays Warsaw show, there are going to be no less than 10 sectors. What has the show’s organizer planned and what is there in store for the firms in the Technology Park, Printing House sectors?

Technology Park is a sector dedicated to firms in a modern manufacturing of promotional products. Diverse solutions and technologies are world-class. This sector features all technological innovations. Here, you will find: marking machines, embroidery machines, plotters, UV machines, lasers, media for printing, milling cutters, panel manufacturers, advertising production materials (plastic, glass, metal, etc.).Printing House is open for firms in printing – offset and digital printing and printing components. During the three days of the show, the experts will demonstrate state-of-the-art products and services in the printing industry.

Printing House is an excellent choice for printing companies both the offset and the digital ones for daily printing jobs. Here, you will find: specialists in printing services offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, embroidery, thermal printing, large-format printing, tagging, print refinements: engraving, stamping, coating, etc. At the show, the Printing House sector will be indicated by the yellow color and a printer icon.