RemaDays lanyards have been delivered by the TGL company from 2015. Every year, the lanyards feature a unique design.

TGL specializes in lanyards production using the gas sublimation method and transfer printing. As a manufacturer, TGL supervises every step of production and customizes the tiniest details. Their lanyards are made of a top quality, Polish satin thread. The lanyards feature a high-quality finish and applique both in a sublimation and transfer methods. TGL has cooperated with many customers across Poland.

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At the RemaDays Warsaw, the trade staff and hostesses will present themselves in Roly SA clothing.

Production, sale and distribution of textile products for the advertising market, promotional, workwear, sports and fashion.

Being leader of the sector, known for its brand and quality of its products, with a strong international presence and responsability to their employees, customer and environment.

High quality standards
Customer service

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One of the companies providing bags for every visitor at RemaDays Warsaw is AWIH – manufacturer of advertising bags. High quality and modern design are the main characteristics of the RemaDays bag.

The company had its origin in 1993, when it commenced its activity offering printing services (offset printing). Today, after transformations, the company specializes in advertising bags: cotton, ecological, plastic and paper bags, and packaging made of paper.

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One of the companies at RemaDays Warsaw thanks to which visitors will receive advertising bags with gifts is Corporate Image. High quality and modern design are the main characteristics of the RemaDays bag.

Corporate Image is one of the leaders in the advertising clothing industry. The company is a wholesaler of advertising clothing and a professional printing and computer embroidery center. You can buy clothing and make prints and embroideries – all in one place.

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The partner of this year’s RemaDays fair is Drukarnia Wydruk printing house.

The company began operating in 1991. A lot has changed in the printing industry since then. New technologies and printing machines have appeared. The company had to keep up with the changes, continuously providing trainings and increasing the competences of its employees. One thing, however, remained the same. Since its beginning the Printing House has been focused on full cooperation with the Customer and their satisfaction with services.

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The partner of this year’s RemaDays fair is Horn Print printing house.

“MORE THAN YOU EXPECT” – this is the motto of the company, referring to both customers and the company itself. The best solutions result in unique products that will stand out from the competition. Their mission is to provide solutions for individual projects. HORN PRINT represents high quality, as confirmed by clients, whose number is constantly growing. HORN PRINT is a company that started as early as 2004. From the very beginning they have one goal – the highest quality and continuous grow.

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The partner of this year’s RemaDays fair is Proid.

Proid is a direct manufacturer of PVC foil articles. The main products are: foil pouches, badge holders, card cases, self-adhesive pockets, foil covers, storage hangers, price labels, foil pockets and unusual foil products. The company offers the highest level of services and short lead times. Their experience in plastic foil welding dates back to 1989.

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Dynamite Design

The partner of this year’s RemaDays fair is Dynamite Design

Dynamite Design is a versatile print shop and graphic design studio that has been acting as a partner for exhibition stand graphics installation and exhibit hall informational signage at Rema Days since 2018.

Dynamite Design’s scope of operation is, however, much broader, as we specialize in PRINTING, PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION.

The print shop handles large and small jobs to provide customers with reliable service.

Our service range includes:

– Wall murals printing
– Visual branding and wayfinding systems for buildings and facilities
– Window graphics installation
– Car advertisement and color change wraps installation
– Production of floor stickers
– Production of labels and stickers
– Store window decorations
– Non-standard advertising projects

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