Additional forms of promotion

Feel free to use additional forms of promotion, which will strengthen presence of your company at the trade show.


Promote your brand, products and services in the Trade Fair Catalogue – both at the trade fair and afterwards!


  • reach out to the hands of all visitors – right at the entrance
  • increase the chance that the RemaDays guests will visit your stand
  • promote yourself in a prestigious publication which serves the visitors as an industry database
  • present your brand, product or service in A4 format
  • the advertising does not end after the trade fair – the Trade Fair Catalogue is sent to companies in the industry and we also publish it online

Detailed information:
The Trade Fair Catalogue combines the advantages of press advertising and a handy database. The proposed division into product categories and keyword search engine work well as a source of precious information. That’s why agencies in the industry reach out to for it in search of inspiration and suppliers of specific solutions – allowing for a quick contact!

Price list:

  • full page advertisement A4 – 475 EUR
  • half page advertisement A4 – 300 EUR


Do you want to make your product stand out at the fair in an original way?
Present your offer in the special clothing zone at the RemaDays Warsaw 2022 trade fair. Show your latest clothing collection on mannequins. They can be presented and admired in Hall E.

Detailed information regarding the mannequin service:

  • 1 place for placing a mannequin – 490 PLN net – the mannequin is provided by the exhibitor
  • location – Hall E
  • an area open to the public for 3 days of the fair
  • possibility to present any part of the clothing chosen by the company
  • company logo and stand number – on mannequin, by the stands
  • promotion of the zone after the fair in video coverage, photos and press materials

Detailed information on the presentation of clothing on mannequins can be found under the address [email protected]

Price – 120 EUR/mannequin


Place your logo in the RemaDays Online tab – the place where the visitors can find key information!

  • gain visibility among the target audience – at low cost
  • place your logo on a website that has 500 thousand page views a year!
  • get noticed – the user spends on the subpage an average of about 1 minute!

65 EUR


Reach out to the visitors of the RemaDays – directly! Prepare leaflets and hire hostesses to distribute it to the visitors at the trade fair.

  • promote yourself during the 3 most intense days in the marketer’s calendar
  • reach out to with your message directly to thousands of recipients in the industry
  • minimize the costs of your advertising
  • you reach out to every visitor to the RemaDays
  • can take advantage of this opportunity even if you are not an exhibitor at the RemaDays!

445 EUR

To the Exhibitors who decide to hire hostesses for additional promotion during the trade fair we recommend the Agency cooperating with the RemaDays

For customers and partners of the RemaDays – with the RemaDays codeword you will receive 10% discount on the Agency’s services.
Send an e-mail for the offer: [email protected]


You are unable to be present at the RemaDays but you value convenience and high level of service and want to reach out to all the RemaDays visitors? Prepare inserts in the RemaDays bag – of any shape up to 150 g in weight – and we’ll take care of everything else!

  • increase your visibility during the 3 most intense days in the marketer’s calendar – and all that “without leaving home”
  • gain access to thousands of customers from the industry
  • minimize the costs of your advertising
  • you reach out to every visitor to the RemaDays
  • remind them of yourself also after the trade fair – the guests take the bag home

0,23 EUR/pc.


Make every visitor a recipient… and a distributor of your advertisement! Promote yourself on RemaDays bags which are given to all the visitors.

  • “go home” with the visitor – the guests take the bag with them
  • increase your visibility during the 3 most intense days in the marketer’s calendar
  • present your message to thousands of recipients from the industry
  • you reach out to every visitor to the RemaDays

2,500 EUR


Share a video coverage of the RemaDays trade fair! We will be happy to create it for you – and make it available via our promotion channels. We will ensure that your offer is properly featured and that your participation in the RemaDays is perfectly summarized.


  • strengthen your image
  • get a professional video coverage of the trade fair
  • can share it on your social media and other channels
  • increase your reach out to by using the popularity of the event
  • the coverage appears on the official RemaDays YouTube channel (RemaTV)
  • we send it in the newsletter to 150 thousand companies from the industry (Poland and Europe)

Detailed information:

  • the length of the video coverage – up to 3 minutes
  • an interview with the company’s owner/representative
  • shots of Customers, business talks
  • products – presentation of the stand
  • demonstration of the performance and functionality of selected products
  • the exhibitor’s logo in 2D animation
  • the exhibitor’s website address at the end of the coverage

200 EUR

Sample projects:
Roly SA at RemaDays Warsaw 2020
IES Polska at RemaDays Warsaw 2020
PAR Bakuła at RemaDays Warsaw 2020


Promotion at the start – put your message on rollups in selected places inside the RemaDays hall!


  • make sure the guests can see your message
  • make the brand stand out
  • present any message you like – e.g. you can help to locate your stand!
  • gain exposure during the 3 busiest days in the advertising industry
  • reach out to the recipients in the industry
  • The production (printing) of the rollup rests on the Customer.
  • up to 4 rollups for every registration

200 EUR


Promotion from the start. Put your words on the flag which we will hang on the selected mast during RemaDays.

Why it is worth it:

  • visitors see your flag,
  • you make your brand stand out,
  • you present what you want,
  • you gain exposure,
  • you reach industry recipients

65 EUR (for hanging 1 flag)
110 EUR (for production, delivery and hanging 1 flag)


Reach out for visitors with the RemaBus – place your advertisement on the trade fair buses!
Why? Because you can:

  • reach about 100,000 people with your advertisement,
  • show yourself to RemaDays visitors and residents,of Warsaw
  • benefit from the advantages of being first – be visible to RemaDays guests even before they arrive at the trade fair site,
  • production (printing) and installation are the responsibility of the exhibitor

7 000 EURO


Put your advertisement on the facade of the Ptak Warsaw Expo – and reach out to thousands of visitors at the very start!

  • make sure the guests can see your message – even before entering the fairgrounds
  • gain exposure during the 3 busiest days in the advertising industry
  • The production (printing) of the advertisement rests on the Customer.
  • Organizer provides space and professional installation.

20 EUR/m2


Save time and attract new customers more easily with your own version of the RemaDays app!

  • install the app on your phone – and scan visitors’ QR codes (no more transcribing business cards!)
  • can quickly create a database of contacts obtained at the trade fair – by exporting the scanned QR codes of the companies in Excel file format
  • can easily edit, sort and search for contacts in the database
  • note the first impressions, conversation topics, assessment of the Customer’s potential using the app’s notepad

* the offer does not include a phone
60 EUR/piece (another 20 EUR each)


Reach out to the modern, mobile guests of the RemaDays! Increase your chances of getting on their personalized path around the trade fair by advertising in the trade show app.

  • use a channel that is valued by the guests for being informative and well organised
  • are visible to visitors – and you can find yourself on their personalized trade fair path

1250 EUR


Do you have knowledge, an interesting idea, want to share your experience or show the possibilities of your product to a wider audience? Order the talk at the RemaDays fair.

  • get the chance to present yourself in a fully equipped, comfortable conference room
  • have the opportunity to reach out to a large audience in a short amount of time
  • prepare the subject for 45 minutes and we will deal with the rest

250 EUR