Impressions at the halfway point the RemaDays Warsaw 2019 trade fair

The halfway point of one of the biggest exhibition events in the advertising industry has already past. The first half was full of precious meetings, ttractive contests and lectures given under RemaCongress part. On the second day of the trade fair, voting for the best gifts, catalogues and POS materials was finished. Moreover, another winner of the lottery for visitors was announced.

Last evening, during Exhibitors’ Evening the Korony Reklamy 2019 award winners were announced.Today, the visitors casted their last votes in the Gifts of the Year, Catalogue of the Year and POS of the Year contests. Tomorrow, the results will be know, and the first ones to know them will be traditionally the participants of the Solid in Business programme during the ceremonial Business Breakfast which starts at noon. As a result, they will be able to establish direct business contacts with the best companies right after the results are announced. Awards given by guests of the trade fair are not only a symbol of prestige, but they also give an additional opportunity to stand out in the advertising market. Presentation of the winners in the Gifts of the Year, Catalogue of the Year and POS of the Year contests takes place on Friday 15 February, at 12 noon, in the conference room in hall E.
Another took place that day the next draw in the lottery for visitors was held at 2 pm. The lucky winner became the owner of the Samsung 55” UHD TV. However, it is not the end of attractions which aroused great interest of guests at RemaDays Warsaw 2019. The Gifts&Textile Show was organised today in the Relax Zone in hall E. During the show, professional models presented the most interesting products from the industry.
The second day of the RemaDays Warsaw trade fair featured more valuable lectures under the congress organised each year. The special guest of RemaCongress 2019 is Szymon Hołownia who presented an immensely interesting subject: “How much the watch can change work and life? Change of time management habits”. It can certainly be said that the subject is “a timely issue”, it is no wonder then that the speech of the main speaker aroused great interest among the visitors. Guests of the trade fair could also participate in free training sessions conducted by top-class specialists in the advertising and printing industries. Large attendance is the confirmation of high quality of the lectures which are a permanent feature in the most important advertising fair of the year.
Tomorrow is the last day of the RemaDays Warsaw 2019 International Advertising and Printing Trade Fair.