It is time to say goodbye

The three-day celebration of advertising industry came to an end unfortunately. However, before last guest left the hospitable premises of the largest exhibition center in Poland they had exciting time. It was on the last day of the event in the Polish capital when we learnt the winners of the prestigious contests – “Gifts of the Year” and “Catalogue of the Year”.
While the visitors conducted last business talks, buttoned up the conditions of cooperation, exhibitors eagerly awaited when the clock strikes 12. At noon in Hall E the traditional “Business Breakfast” began. It was an opportunity to announce the results of the competition for the best gift and catalogue of the year. First, the list of winners was read out in front of the “Solid Work in Business” program partners. The program for many years has been promoting values such as honesty and trust in relations between various actors of advertising industry in a broad sense. Finally, the first places in the “Gifts of the Year” contest were taken by:

Top Design – Żarówka do napojów – PPHU Ceramika Tułowice
Top Fun – Leżaking – Leżak eventowy – Kusha Artur Tarwacki
Top Idea – Brelok 5 w 1 – Badge4U

Medals made of the most precious metal were handed to the representatives of the companies:

EDC Expert Direct Communication Sp. z o.o.
Integart Sp. z o.o.

in the “Catalogue of the Year” contest. For a full list of winners of these prestigious awards please click: Gifts of the Year, Catalog of the Year. We would like to express our appreciation to all participants of the contests. Furthermore, all the exhibitors and visitors who have decided to take part actively in the 13th edition of the Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw deserve to be recognized. We believe that the days spent in the Polish capital will contribute to establishing fruitful business contacts, and thus to the development of the represented by you companies. Thank you for being with us. See you next year.