RemaDays Warsaw 2021 – We Creative. Open to the new

The advertising industry in 2020

The year 2020 is one of the most surprising and demanding years in history. Even though its start seemed promising, what with all the successful trade shows, in the following months the COVID-19 pandemic affected every industry.

Representatives of the advertising market found themselves in a particularly difficult situation. Many companies have felt the impact of the coronavirus, but many entrepreneurs have also taken steps to adapt to new circumstances.

New customer needs

This shows that there are always solutions that allow you to adapt and find a place for yourself in the new reality. You just have to find the key – and that is to redefine the needs of the market and meet them in a creative, open way. As Sławomir Giefing, President of GJC International, organizer of RemaDays Warsaw, says:

A well-functioning and healthy company is a company with 3 pillars, in this order: the first one is to identify and meet customers’ needs, the second pillar is a tightly-knit team, and the third is the company’s profit. The current situation forces us to first look at and redefine the needs of customers. These needs have been and always will be present – but nowadays, they need to be recognized anew, so that our services and products can meet the needs of our customers.

The response to the changing realities in the advertising industry is expressed, among other things, by the new theme and the slogan WECREATIVE which is the theme of the RemaDays Warsaw 2021 trade fair.

As Sławomir Giefing explains:

As the RemaDays team, we want to emphasize that the needs of customers come first. We listen to various opinions from the market, so we have prepared a message in which we want to present the new reality. The motive and slogan WECREATIVE is a way out of the difficult situation that takes place in connection with the pandemic. This project is intended to stimulate and encourage every participant in the industry to act and open up to new challenges.

Creative in a new reality

It can be expected that the industry and the trade fairs will look different than before. All the more necessary is the aforementioned openness and creative approach. Mikołaj Bleja, advisor in the field of strategic image communication, head of the Poznań-based Horsefield agency, which developed the new RemaDays communication, stresses that:

“CREATIVITY” is a central concept for any process of change. In the current, extremely difficult situation, one should not delude oneself that the only solution will be state aid. My recommended way of doing things is to act in a creative way, i.e. one that is related to new or better tailored value for customers.

And that is why the new communication of RemaDays reflects a dynamic and challenging time that we can take advantage of by becoming more open to novelty.

RemaDays Warsaw 2021 open to novelty

The RemaDays Warsaw trade fair has supported the advertising industry for many years. It will be similar in 2021, as emphasized by Sebastian Ząbek, head of the trade fair organization department: During the preparations for RemaDays 2021 we talk to our customers, we want to listen to their needs and on this basis implement new trade fair solutions. The new graphic motif and slogan of the fair is the first step in a long marathon of preparations for the next edition and projects implemented successively and in a new way, about which we will keep you informed.

See you at RemaDays Warsaw 10-12.02.2021