Safety at RemaDays Warsaw 2022 Trade Fair


 PTAK Warsaw Expo meets the highest standards of safety

1. The exhibition grounds shall be subject to above-standard measures increasing the level of sanitary safety. Free medical masks shall be available at the entrance. In order to ensure the comfort of trade fair visitors, passageways have been widened, an entry and exit counter has been installed, and frequently touched surfaces shall be disinfected on an ongoing basis.
2. The number of participants has been adjusted to comply with current regulations.
3. The provision of vaccination information by the participants in the events is voluntary. A person who refuses to provide vaccination information shall be automatically classified as unvaccinated and counted against the applicable caps.
4. An obligation is introduced to cover the mouth and nose with a mask by every person present at the Fairgrounds during the events. The obligation of wearing masks applies to indoor facilities and outdoor areas when it is not possible to maintain a safe social distance. It is recommended that disposable gloves be worn.
5. There shall be an ongoing access to disinfectant liquid.


 1. Registration of all participants present at the Fairgrounds has been introduced. The registration form will contain an epidemiological declaration – regarding not being in quarantine or isolation.
2. A mandatory procedure has been put in place to conduct and record an epidemiological inquiry with respect to all participants in the events, specifically regarding not being in quarantine or isolation. Exhibitors, organizers of events, and employers of companies providing services to the Trade Fair are responsible for conducting an epidemiological inquiry with respect to their employees and are required to provide such information prior to the event. RemaDays is responsible for conducting an epidemiological inquiry with respect to the visitors.
3. The RemaDays trade fair may only be attended by authorized persons with entry documents, i.e., registered exhibitors, participants of conferences and other meetings, registered visitors, registered service providers and registered media representatives.
4. Safe queuing areas for visitors awaiting entry to events held at the Fairgrounds were designated by lines and stickers indicating directions, so that the distance between persons is in compliance with regulations.
5. Closed, isolated and properly disinfected rooms (“isolation rooms”) were prepared for persons with symptoms of infection. In the event that anyone is found to have an elevated temperature and symptoms indicating the possibility of having contracted coronavirus, they will be isolated and taken to such a room by a properly protected staff member, and then medical personnel will be informed of their condition in order to make decisions regarding further treatment. 

 CUSTOMER SERVICE POINTS (reception desks, trade fair offices, information points, etc.)

 1. The number of customer service points was reduced to a minimum, and the access to the online service was facilitated to the maximum extent possible.
2. The customer service points have been equipped with plexiglass shields.
3. Only employees who have had their body temperature checked with their consent and who are equipped with masks and gloves in accordance with current regulations or GIS guidelines shall be allowed to work.
4. Safe queuing areas for customer service points have been arranged, where people waiting in the line are separated from each other by regulatory distance. 5. Places have been designated (with tapes, poles or stickers on the floor) for people waiting for service.
5. Reception counter surfaces at service points shall be disinfected at least every hour.
6. Non-cash payments are preferred, payment terminals shall be protected with plastic film and disinfected at least every hour.


 1. It is recommended that Exhibitors plan their stand construction to be more open/spatial, in order to avoid various types of cramped spaces wherever possible.
2. The minimum safety distance must be maintained. With the stand area which does not allow for maintaining the mandatory social distance, the Exhibitors are recommended to plan special shields in the planned conversation spaces, as well as to use mouth and nose covers.
The Exhibitors are recommended to use stand construction elements with smooth surfaces, which are easy to clean and disinfect (e.g., tops of information counters, table tops, double swinging doors to lockable rooms).
4. Exhibitors are required to provide appropriate personal protective equipment and disinfectants for staff at their stands. It is also recommended to provide disinfectant liquids for guests visiting the stand.
5. A safe distance between table tops (measured from the edges of the tables) must be maintained when organizing the food service area at the stand.
6. It is recommended to maintain an appropriate distance with persons entering the stand area and to avoid handshaking.
7. It is recommended to Exhibitors and all organizers and participants of events held at the Fairgrounds that, as far as possible, materials for visitors should be available only in the online version.
8. The companies responsible for construction of stands, as well as the suppliers, are obliged to observe the safety rules in accordance with the currently binding regulations and GIS guidelines during assembly and disassembly of the stands.
9. The number of available seats in places where events shall be held at the Fairgrounds has been limited by means of special arrangements allowing the prescribed distance to be maintained.
10. The Exhibitor is advised to adjust the number of available seats at the stand by introducing special solutions allowing for maintaining a safe distance at least in accordance with the safety rules currently in force, and if there is no possibility to maintain a safe distance between persons, to wear protective masks.
11. The aforementioned rules concerning the preparation and functioning of exhibition stands shall apply in the halls.


 1. Preparation of the functioning of food service areas (including restaurants, bars, food service areas at stands, refreshment areas, etc.) – in accordance with current safety rules applicable to this type of facility.
2. Provision of safe space for visitors waiting to enter food service areas (including restaurants, bars, food service areas at the stands, refreshment areas, etc.): while maintaining a safe and regulatory distance.


 1. The cleaning staff shall follow the hygiene maintenance plan.
2. Adequate number of hand hygiene devices with 60% alcohol-based sanitizers and instructions for proper hand disinfection have been provided in visitor areas, reception areas, outside of food service areas, etc.
3. Personnel attending an event organized at the Fairgrounds are trained in the principles of sanitary regime and safety during the stay of participants at the Fairgrounds.
4. The Exhibitors, service providers and organizers of other events are obliged to train the stand personnel in the principles of sanitary regime and safety during the stay of participants at the Fairgrounds.
5. The frequently touched elements of infrastructure, such as door handles, handrails, railings, table tops shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly, at least every hour, with the use of disinfectants.
6. Exhibitors, event organizers are recommended to regularly, at least every hour, clean and disinfect frequently touched elements of infrastructure: reception counters, handles, handrails, railings, countertops with disinfectants.
7. Exhibitors, event organizers are recommended to store garbage and waste in closed, regularly cleaned and disinfected containers.
8. The rooms and spaces used by the participants shall be regularly ventilated.
9. All restrooms shall be equipped with liquid soap, hand sanitizer and disposable paper towels, as well as instructions for proper hand washing and sanitizing. They shall also be regularly inspected for the supplies and condition of the restrooms. Inspection cards with an hourly servicing frequency have been introduced.
10. The presence of a medical staff at the Fairgrounds shall be ensured during the organization of each event when the number of participants exceeds 50.


 1. Intensive information campaigns on safety rules for event participants shall be carried out at the Fairgrounds during events.
2. During the events there shall be ongoing communication (via sound or audio-visual systems) about the caps on the number of people permitted to be present at the same time in the trade fair facilities where the events are taking place, about maintaining the distance between people, about the requirement to avoid gatherings of people and observing the rules of hygiene.
3. Educational materials (in the form of posters, screen displays, or instructional videos) on hand hygiene and sneezing or coughing, as well as on maintaining an appropriate distance from other people and avoiding handshakes, have been placed in prominent locations (restrooms, customer service points, and entry areas).


 1. The sitting areas for visitors will be labelled in order to maintain a safe distance.
2. In rooms where chairs will be arranged, a safe distance between chairs will be maintained.
3. During conferences, speakers on stage will be obliged to keep a safe distance.
4. Speakers may remove their mask or other material covering their mouth and nose while on stage, for the duration of their speech.